Join us for an 2 hours adventure workshop of self exploration, the trip that will satisfy you the most.

10 person per workshop

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 MEET JF BROU, Entrepreneur & Author

🚀Founder of InterStude, a bus tour operator, 2011  

🚀 Founder of the Rep Your Flag Festival, 2013  

​🚀 Advising young entrepreneurs with coaching & workshops, 2017 

🚀 Author of Exchange Your Life & Become Your Best Version 

🚀 Everything I do is to EMPOWER the 18-30 years old toward TRUE WEALTH with ENTREPRENEURSHIP // SELF-DEVELOPMENT // TRAVEL EXPERIENCES.

Ronday Taylor; Author 

"Jf truly has a gift...and I am appreciative that he generously chooses to share his genius with me and so many others. I found his knowledge, perspective, and insight to be very valuable in the workshops I've attended. Even as a successful serial entrepreneur, he is very generous with his time, talent, and clearly enjoys giving back in a very significant way! I'm grateful for what I have learned from him and look forward to future learning opportunities in his other workshops."

Yahaira Morales; Life Coach 

"Jf not only offer his valuable insights about what he has learned along his journey as a serial entrepreneur; but graciously combine those with a jam packed workshop with useful tools to help you gain awareness of the direction your life is going and best practices for staying on course and being productive!"

Jillian Rabe; Project Manager

"The workshop was great. It was thought provoking, interesting and easily adaptable for each individual. I left feeling inspired as well as more directed in how to make my goals. So glad I attended!"

DJ Malone; Crypto Entrepreneur

"Jf's process is really good for getting you into the nuts and bolts of what self-improvement really means. Afterwards, I had a much clearer sense of what my goals were and my next steps."

Why you need to attend this workshop now?

​Create a strong circle of Self-Explorers: 

The biggest barrier people have to become more is their network. In 5 years you'll be the some of the 5 person you pass the most time with and the books you've read.

​Get the accountability you need: 

Accountability is the super power pushing you all the time to your next level. Committing to this investment in money and time will push you forward. Also being part of the alumni group will allow you to brainstorm and push each other to reach our destination.

​Get 10k$+ worth of tools & methods:

Yes all the information is easily accessible online but you need a clear step by step path to reach your destination. After years of self-exploration i'm providing you the world best path.



I've passed 5-6 years trying to find ways to grow my business. From always new marketing tactics to creating a kick-ass company culture, I always came back to the same pit hole. Until I realized I was the problem, then some key insights came my way. For example: "When your personal problems not fix, your business problems will be lived 4 times bigger". Or for example: "A business net worth will never out grow the self worth of his owners". From that point, I have started my psychological journey hiring life coaches, doing personality test and introspection exercises. From that a lot of questions came out, why or how I became this way or another, leading me to analyze my childhood, the famous crucial first 7 years. From many discoveries, it lead me to analyze my trapped emotions affecting my energetic body, opening me doors to the spiritual realm. As I always did with everything, I went deep on the spiritual journey doing many immersive experiences. I've learned so much about myself and the none physical world through the last 9 years of self development, today i'm confident I have a lot to give back to any young driven individual wanting to reach their next level.


⭐ Personality tests (MBTI, Hexaco, Dark Triad) ⭐ Introspection exercises (Lives Audit, Feeling Memory, etc) ⭐ Do meditation practice Identify your purpose (Ikigai), ⭐ Analyze your 7 wellness life dimensions ⭐ Make a 90 days plan ⭐ Learn about the world top habits ⭐ Create a 3 years life vision ⭐ A free 60+ pages workbook filled with breakthrough exercises


18h30: Presentation & Group Ice Breaker 18h40: Analyzing your personality test results 19h00: Doing 2 introspection exercises 19h20: 5 meditation & toilet break 19h30: Sharing top habits & Find your purpose (Ikigai) 19h50: Analyse your 7 life dimensions & Make a 90 days plan 20h05: Write your 3 years vision 20h25: Ending words

Upcoming Location & Dates.

July 24th in Montreal Canada - Sale Open - 10 seats - FB Event

July 30th in Toronto Canada - Opening Soon - 10 seats - FB Event


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