Im Jf Brou, A Serial Entrepreneur 

Served 100k+ customers, Launched 6 businesses, Wrote 4 books, Helped hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Now I'm an
Author / Book Coach / Mastermind Host.

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  JF BROU, Entrepreneur /
Author / Book Coach

๐Ÿš€Founder of InterStude, a bus tour operator, 2011  

๐Ÿš€ Founder of the Rep Your Flag Festival, 2013  

โ€‹๐Ÿš€ Advising young entrepreneurs with coaching & workshops, 2017 

๐Ÿš€ Author of Exchange Your Life & Become Your Best Version 


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Become Your Best Version Workshop 

InterStude, Bus Tour Operator

Rep Your Flag Festival, International

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Daniel Mejia; Co-Founder


"We hired Jf as a Marketing Consultant, he deeply helped to launch our 2nd building that went sold out in the first week. He has world-class skills in Web Marketing, the millennial market, and the remote work world. He's a very impressive young entrepreneur always looking to surpass himself."


After lauching my first business at 24 years old straight out of college, I've passed 5-6 years trying to find ways to grow without real success. From always new marketing tactics to creating a kick-ass company culture, I always came back to the same pit hole. Until I realized I was the problem, then some key insights came my way like: "A business net worth will never out grow the self worth of his owners".  

From that point, I have started my psychological journey hiring life coaches, doing personality test and introspection exercises. With all the results, I asked myself how I became this way or another. That question leaded me to analyze my childhood, the famous crucial first 7 years. From many discoveries, it lead me to analyze my trapped emotions affecting my energetic body which opened me doors to the spiritual world.  

Through those last 9 years, I've learned so much about myself, the business world and the none physical world. Today i'm confident I have a lot to give back to any young driven individual wanting to reach their next level. If you big dreams and needed mentorship to reach them, i'll be super excited to help. 

70+ reviews of happy self-explorers...

Ronda Taylor; Author 

"Jf truly has a gift...and I am appreciative that he generously chooses to share his genius with me and so many others. I found his knowledge, perspective, and insight to be very valuable in the workshops I've attended. Even as a successful serial entrepreneur, he is very generous with his time, talent, and clearly enjoys giving back in a very significant way! I'm grateful for what I have learned from him and look forward to future learning opportunities in his other workshops."

Yahaira Morales; Life Coach 

"Jf not only offer his valuable insights about what he has learned along his journey as a serial entrepreneur; but graciously combine those with a jam packed workshop with useful tools to help you gain awareness of the direction your life is going and best practices for staying on course and being productive!"

Amanda Greca Mkg Coordinator 

"Really great event!! I sign up with the purpose to know better myself at the point that I am changing my career, and I have learned a lot!!! If it is possible, I strongly recommend to do twice because it is so dense in good content that I am sure you will learn more about you, spirituality, your business and the world around you at the second time!!"

What can I offer to your audience?

My 8 years in business failing in many ways and never giving up.

Travelling in 40+ countries and living remotely in 5+ 

โ€‹My spiritual journey through dozen of immersive experiences